Service Category: Investing

Building a risk managed portfolio

“Get the best return” – that is usually what people tell us they want from their investments. That is a hard to define goal! We work with you to understand what your purpose is for your nest egg, and then what level of return, and risk, you are willing to accept to achieve them.

Most people want incredible returns with zero risk of loss, unfortunately, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

Investment management is about matching your outcomes and timeframes with the investment options used. If you want to go on holidays next year, you wouldn’t put that money into an investment property! (If that doesn’t sound right to you, either we need to talk more, or you shouldn’t be investing).

Risk and Return go hand in hand

Building a portfolio that matches your goals for long term growth usually involves marrying defensive and lower risk assets with more growth and higher risk assets to blend a suitable level of risk. 

Many people experienced (or have heard stories from) the GFC, and it had a terrible impact on some people’s retirement and lifestyle plans. Most of this is because the risk levels they were taking didn’t line up with their goals for needing to live of the funds. That is why we spend so much time working with you to understand, and develop your goals and education about risk before building a portfolio.