Ryan Grant

“If you are seeking a financial planner, I would recommend Ryan and his team. Ryan is PROFESSIONAL!! He has indepth knowledge on all financial topics, covering all the grounds. Ryan gave my family and I superb advice in planning our finance, giving us a realistic expectation as to what we need to be doing in order to retire well.

During the whole process, you feel that Ryan “cares” for you as if you are family. So he will meticulously go through all the areas he can think of to cover all bases.

Ryan will step in your shoes to give you a recommendation that the will run with himself if it was him.

Ryan was exceptionally thorough, and crystal clear in explaining the need for each component of a successful financial plan, explaining the needs of a Will, EPOA, Insurance, Super, and other investments, explaining well the reason, and the benefits of each of the investments. You will walk away knowing that you are in good hands. As an expat returning back into Australia, where the tax landscape is complicated in comparison to other countries.

I found it vital to have someone who knows what they are doing, and Ryan was that person for me. Since I have worked with Ryan, I have all my immediate family engaging Ryan as their financial adviser and planner. I have absolute confidence that Ryan has the integrity and professional know how to setup a great financial plan for his clients. Highly recommended. Albert S Carindale Qld”